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Spring Inspired Batmitzvah (spring 2015)

50 Frames, over 160 single flowers, a few hundred feet of Ivy. All hand made, 
​painted paper Flowers! 


Rustic Barn Wedding: (September 2014)

Moss, wood and hand crafted was the running inspiration for this wedding. Invitations, decor, favors and flowers (one of our favorite jobs to date). The favors were a huge hit, each one with a pear drawing burned onto the cheese board. It really is all in the details!

Custom & Hand crafted items

Everything we do is hand made and unique to what you want!  We take the time to understand what you want and work with you to create it.

Do you have a need for something else but don't see it here? Email us at pottedpearshop@gmail.com and lets chat to see what we can do.

Keep checking back for new work!

Smaller Orders ( 2013) One piece invitation. Hand sketched pine cone drawing on brown kraft paper, mounted a cream linen. Hand made Burlap and white birch bow. 

Elegant Fall Wedding Signage and Accents: (November 2013) The bride wanted to bring everything together with the details around the space. The pieces we decided to create included programs, guest cards to leave a note, signage for tables, and handcrafted stands for all table signs. The couple also requested "Mrs. & Mr." signs for their seats. 

Vintage Beach Wedding Stationary: (October 2013)

​A personalized monogram for the bride and groom was inspired by their love for the beach. A nice surprise was they chose to use it on all pieces for the invitation set, signage for the reception, programs and thank you cards. To steer away from that factory made in bulk feel, I decided to mount each piece on navy blue, wrapped with a ribbon, and seashells for the final detailed touch.